“Zhang Yongjie Skill Master Studio” is Awarded the 2019 National Skill Master Studio Construction Unit

On June 27 and July 4, 2019, arranged by Federation of Trade Unions of Jiangsu and Changzhou, the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Trade Unions separately led the two groups of model workers and leaders of Employee Innovation Studio to BLHI's Zhang Yongjie Model Worker Innovation Studio for visit and exchange. The delegation watched the company's corporate image propaganda film in the conference hall of the technical center, listened to the introduction of the studio by the national model worker Zhang Yongjie, and visited Zhang Yongjie's Model Worker Innovation Studio. Then they went to the company's 300T workshop machining center, watched and studied the display of Zhang Yongjie's “Ten Second Confirmation Method”, “Large Diameter Thread Milling”, “High-efficiency NC Machining of Large Rolling Mill Housings”, and other serial work method achievements. Zhang Yongjie exchanged ideas with the members of the delegation and answered questions raised by them. The delegation gave a high evaluation to BLHI's emphasis on the role of the Model Worker Studio and the inheritance of the craftsman spirit.
The Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions attached great importance to the trade union inspection and learning activities organized by the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, chose Changzhou, which has a good industrial base, as the field research base. Zhang Yongjie Model Worker Innovation Studio was selected as one of the field research bases. The company's orderly arrangement of the inspection activities not only promoted the experience and practices of Zhang Yongjie's innovative studio, and also a publicity and display of the image of BLHI.